Everybody has their guy, A superhero—a part of their own identity. In every small town, some stories are told and handed down to each generation that shapes the city and captures what it means to be a “big fish” in a “small pond.” The story is almost always about a guy that was going places and, because of different reasons and seasons, never left the town. While the story seems to be unbelievable, it is still talked about today. Each story is about a guy and his legendary ability. He is the best at what they do. As time marches on, more people become part of the story and the legend grows. It may have happened 30 years ago and there may not be any records of it –but they know about it, it did happen and still holds true today. It has been said, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” We agree and have a good story for you. And we think the town should tell it. Welcome to Never Been Beat, a show about regular people who love to compete. They are legendary, the American Dream to their friends and family and the hero in their hometown. Each week we take a journey through all 50 states uncovering real-life stories that define small towns and the people in them. These people know what it means to go after “The Prize” and “Never Been Beat.” So pull up a chair and pay attention. You may only get to hear this once.